Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Setting Sun

There's a reason why the hour between when the sun is placed high in the sky to sneaking beyond the horizon is called the "Golden Hour." The warmth of the sun makes everything glow and, in my opinion, this light produces an aura of timelessness.

The setting sun could be used as a metaphor for the later years of childhood where our children have that perfect balance of innocence with understanding. I know that I will look back fondly on these days where my kids can have fun interacting with us and then cuddle on the couch at the end of the day. Maybe even call them the "Golden Years" of parenting. It seems as though we fight the clock approaching those teen years where that innocence of a child gets lost. Time can't be frozen, but it can be captured. 

My hope when taking these photos was to capture a mom and her daughters as they navigate through this "Golden Age."

Monday, August 18, 2014

Born to be you

Some might consider this a sly way of showing off something that I am super proud of, and to be honest, it kinda is!

I recently completed a thorough re-do of my boys' bedrooms. I am forever stating...revealing the individual PERSONALITY is a must in everything I create, capture and design...which was my ultimate goal with each room. I wanted to make a statement about the person who would inhibit it.

The quest began with a consultation and brainstorming session with my boys, in which two were quick to choose a theme. My son who is full of "out of the box" ideas took some time to reel in. After a few days of back and forth discussions on some rather interesting room ideas, he finally settled on one that was more realistic.

With a little paint, furniture and accessories, these ideas went from concepts to finished rooms. Each room is unique, which is very fitting for three brothers who are different in so many ways.

Okay, now this is where I bring this blog full circle..we all have interests and personality traits that make us who we are. I enjoy figuring out ways to express this uniqueness; capturing it in photographs and design, as well as other aspects in my family's everyday life.

The Writer/Designer

 The English Premier League Man U Addict

 The Out of the Box, Very Random, Gadget Enthusiast

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Challenges of life on the it's Fall again!

I'm rather embarrassed to see that my last post was, well, too long ago to even mention! I could use my boys as an excuse for not blogging (did I mention that there are three of them :-), or possibly my busier than usual spring season...or most definitely my awesome summer that has been full of wonderful travel and family time, but of course I'm not going to say it was any of these :-) I caught a great wave and rode it all the way into shore... but now that I'm grounded once again, it's time to get all of you up to date with the fall No Fuss schedule! 

September 21 - Old Town Tustin
October 12 - Crystal Cove*
October 19 - Woodbury
October 26 - San Juan Capistrano
November 2 - Peters Canyon
November 11 - Sand Canyon/Irvine
November 16 - Old Town Orange

A BIG Thank You to all who took the time to complete the online survey. It really helped guide the direction of my business. 2013 was an amazing year of growth for withinsight studio. Along with the growth came a few issues as I learned to manage time and organize the flux of additional work. In order to offer the same high quality service and product, I made a few changes moving forward. 

Things that will not change...
• Session pricing    
• Turn around time (2 weeks or less)
• Duration of sessions  
• Creative photography and backend artistic treatments
• Minor retouch on all photos

Changes that have been made...

• Discounts are now offered if you purchase the images before viewing photos from your session
   When pre purchasing larger image bundles or the disk there is a significant decrease in price 

• Pricing on digital images purchased after viewing images has been increased
• Amount of proofs yielded from each session will be accurate to the numbers below:
  No Fuss Session - 40 (proofs) • Mini Session - 60 • Family Session - 100 • Group Session - 150
  Little moments pieced together to tell a story is what I envision for each session. Sessions will     

  continue to capture many different posed and candid shots. I will then choose the best of the best to 
  tell your story. These images will be available as proofs for you to view online.* 

To book your session visit

Here are a few images from last seasons No Fuss Sessions.:

Crystal Cove

Old Town Orange

Peters Canyon

San Juan Capistrano