Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lights, Camera...Action!

For our family holiday card this year, I began to play around with my camera’s capabilities to take HD video and really enjoyed this new challenge.

Since I'm obsessed with portraying the interaction between family members, I decided to try out this idea of video in a family session. During the Toro family session I took a few clips of video along with still photos and love the results...the photo session captured not only a still memory of the day, but also a few giggles here and there and added the family's personality to the session.

I think I may be addicted! New ideas are on the horizon... Here's a sample of some of the more "posed" shots... Check out the video to see inside the true Toro family :-)

Friday, May 25, 2012

I say make a plan...not to plan! The 2012 No Fuss

Digital calendars are an amazing tool for organizing life. I can't wait til they can plan our life too! To make things easy for you whether you like to plan or not check out No Fuss sessions. It's so easy! Pick a date and location now (put that cute little colored dot on your calendar), in a couple months you'll show up, take some photos and baam that's it.  I might make you lift your kids one or two times during the session, but that is the only finger lifting, I promise! The rest is up to me. You'll be ready for the holiday rush before you know it.

No Fuss sessions are quick 25 minutes sessions on set dates and pre-determined locations at a discounted rate of $100*. The session includes 45 online proofs, an online slideshow and 1**digital print ready file. Can't beat that! Check out the "no fuss" calendar here. To find out more visit the everyday section of my website.

*beach sessions are an additional $25 to cover the cost of the beach permit.

The 2012 No Fuss schedule is now available. Book in advance because there are limited spaces and these usually fill up by the end of summer.

I'm a big fan of walls and other textured backgrounds that lend themselves to more natural (in the moment) posing rather than the perfect triangle poses. This isn't to say I don't take posed photos, but the more open you are to being in the moment the more we'll capture the "experience" of the session.

If your purpose is to capture one posed family photo with everyone looking at the camera please consider booking a private session. It will allow more time to provide you with more options.