Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring into a new idea...{Spring Portraits 2015}

I've been known to be a bit long winded and sometimes deeply philosophical, so if you so choose, just skip down to the photos and check out samples of the 2015 Spring Portrait set. If you'd like a snap shot inside the method and madness behind these expression sessions, by all means read on.

Think about it...IDEAS BECOME THINGS. Such an easy concept, but this concept requires confidence in an idea, determination to make it happen and of course follow through. My mom gave me this journal a few years ago, and I keep it out on the coffee table as a reminder to my myself and my family to write down fleeting ideas. From weekend excursions, to household projects, design concepts to life's journey; brainstorming ideas opens the door to an infinite number of possibilities.

We have 5 people in our family and not one of us is exactly alike which leads to many dinner discussions about individuality. In my opinion: exploring, accepting and encouraging our boys' to be who God created them to be, is priceless. I'm hoping these family brainstorming sessions will give each one the confidence and determination to find a passion and follow through with their goals.

Okay so what does this have to do with Spring Portraits? I aspire to create an environment that encourages each and every child to express their own individuality. I want parents to look at these photos and see their child's personality in at least one of the proofs. This year the set is all about articulating who you are through writing. Truly it's an unambiguous way to show off character and beauty and as an added bonus, a neutral palette that should look great displayed in your home!

Hopefully one day the kids can look back at these photos and catch a glimpse of how the child they once were, molded the person they grew up to be.

Written in reverse, ALL THINGS BEGAN AS IDEAS

These are two of my boys. Twins as a matter of fact. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum as far as personality, but without them we'd have never known how two kids brought up at the same time, environment and upbringing could be so different. :-)