Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From Minnesota to California and back...

This session was a special treat. Years ago when I first had the twins, Ryan and Kyle, we hired Vanessa to help out during the day. Whatever my sleep deprived brain missed she caught. We were a well oiled machine. Not only that but Vanessa was one of the first people to encourage my photography. She even landed me my first wedding gig. A few years later Vanessa and her husband Andrew moved back to their home state of Minnesota. Since then they added Willa, a vivacious girl filled with personality, to their brew.

Visiting Cali last week they set up a session with me. It was awesome to be able to see Vanessa and Andrew in action as parents. To capture this in photos was even better!

We went back to their first stomping ground when they moved to Cali, Balboa Island. A not so sunny morning yielded a wonderfully soft color palette.

Friday, August 16, 2013

New locations for 2013 No fuss sessions

Another summer almost gone (don't mention that to my kids, its a sensitive subject :) Yep... life back on a full time schedule is back. Sigh... Ahh not to worry, fall is one of the greatest seasons of the year...crisp air, long evenings and of course all the fun holidays! My subtle transition into the fact that it's time to start planning those holiday portraits. 

I know many of my clients have been coming back for years and might be looking for some new adventures, so this year I'm introducing two new locations to my No fuss Calendar as well as one session with a vintage/holiday theme. To book your session click here. 
**Make sure to schedule your session on the correct No Fuss date.

Curious as to what a no fuss session or what the 2013 schedule is you can check out information on my website or check out the previous blog from 2012 about the No Fuss session.

The first new location is scheduled for October 6th at the San Juan Capistrano Train Station. This is such a fun quaint area with vintage walls, trains and of course the railroad tracks. The area also has some nice natural areas and rustic walls that can be worked into your session. Have some fun and dress vintage or visit etsy.com and come prepared with some fun props. 

The second new location is scheduled for October 16th at Old Town Irvine. Located off Sand Canyon and the 5 freeway. This is a gorgeous old building mixing modern with a rustic feel. The colors are unique along with the steel walls and old wood floor. There is no walking at this location, everything is located right by where you park. My favorite part about this location is the beautiful filtered light that hits just right for flattering portraits.