Friday, May 10, 2013

Celebrating new life at the center of it all...HOME.

This week I met Nathaniel. I've been photographing his sisters, Reagan and Charlotte, for years now, but this was his very first session with me. At just 2 weeks old and 7 lbs he was a little precious peanut. We decided to have the session at the family's home. First of all it is easy for mom who now has three kids to tote with all that newborn stuff, plus we were able to capture photos of the backyard where the girls have grown up. This included their wonderful playhouse that dad built and at three years old Reagan painted beautiful flowers on the posts.

You might think your home is not photo ready, not many people do, but I promise you there is always somewhere perfect for photos. Why not kill two birds with one stone and not only capture your kids, but also the place where you laid down their roots.

I love this one. Poor Nathaniel was so good the entire session and then we try and stuff him in a box. He clearly said enough is enough!

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