Thursday, May 16, 2013


I really enjoy the one on one posing of senior photos, but the true joy in these sessions is exploring why each child has chosen their path and then capturing it.

This past week I photographed Zach, a high school senior heading to college next year to dive. Of course I was intrigued by why he had chosen to become a diver. His answer, "I watched the Olympics, thought is looked fun and signed up." Quite the open minded, ready to literally jump, type of kid. I was able to capture some fun angles of him diving which were achieved by climbing to the top of the platform and hanging over the edge to watch Zach on platforms below. I was very happy to climb down the ladder after completing my task rather than jumping into the pool 10 meters below.

I left this session feeling invigorated and inspired to continue the quest to help my boys' find their passion. Life has so many unique twists and turns and sometimes in order to find what you are passionate about you have to look outside of the box and JUMP!

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