Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Photographing The Blues

I've been told by MANY clients that the biggest stress of their session was picking out what their family should wear. I get can make or break a photo. Yes I do agree that accessories, color and coordinating outfits can add lots of character to photographs, but they are not necessarily what "makes" the photo. If you are one to feel pressure when dressing your family, let me make a suggestion to ease your mind, SIMPLICITY WORKS! Choose one color along with neutral colors and let the photographer do the rest. Remember the main purpose of these photos is to capture your family, not necessarily make you look like you read Vogue magazine cover to cover.

The graphic artist within me loves situations where I am forced to use a critical design eye to find backgrounds that contrast and/or blend with a color palette to enhance the overall imagery.

Here are some photos from a recent family session in Old Town Tustin that demonstrate how a simple color palette can work in your favor. This should keep your blood pressure out of the danger zone next time you have to pick out clothing for your session.


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