Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

The Smith Boys

It's another new year and it seems that each year I have a similar theme for my resolutions...don't procrastinate, follow through, be more organized... I've kind of come to the conclusion that instead of going against the grain...this year I'm going to sand with it.

Can I get a, huh? I guess what I am trying to say is that this year I've made resolutions that aren't completely against who I am. I'd like to describe my brain as well played pinball in a pinball machine bouncing from place to place, igniting new ideas and discarding old ones.  It's not natural for me to communicate in a linear fashion, so I'm going to approach my business in the same way.

My 2013 New Years business and personal resolution is to spend less time worrying about doing everything the "right"way, and instead spend more time just being creative and letting the ideas flow. I figure why fight nature. It's a win/win. Look for some new ideas and fun opportunities to capture your family in this new year, my gears have begun to spin.

Happy New Year!

Here are some recent photos I took of family and friends during a sledding adventure in Colorodo over the holiday break. I really enjoyed using the snow as one big natural reflector! The color was fantastic!

Ryan was very cold :-)

Look at those colors pop!

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