Thursday, January 17, 2013

Good old fashion fun - Sam and Kevin's engagement

Isn't it interesting that the further we advance with technology the harder we try to recreate things  from the past. Photography is a perfect example of this phenomenon. We now have the ability to produce crystal clear images that require downsizing rather than enlarging. Our cameras manage our focus, white balance, aperture and shutter speed. And rather than spending loads of money on film and chemicals, we can purchase reusable memory cards and discard any images that are not worthy of presentation.

All of this at our fingertips and what is the most popular and sought after style in family and wedding photography today? Vintage! Yep, lots of grain, faded colors, throw back clothing and filters that gives images an old fashioned film like appearance. We choose to take quality out of images to make them seem more authentic. I find it to be interestingly awesome...if that is even a plausible phrase.

Sam and Kevin's engagement session is a great example of mixing a bit of 2013 with some throwback 1950 style. 

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