Monday, November 21, 2011

Got an idea... bring it on

So since it is a week where we say what we are thankful for...I'll admit that I am super lucky. I'm surrounded by awesome people that not only support me as a friend, but also as a photographer. My business was built solely on referrals from a circle of friends and now has me so busy that I book out during the holiday season.

Not only am I surrounded by people who support my talent, but there are also those friends who share in some of the same creative visions. I definitely love to have freedom with my photography, but with my advertising background, I LOVE the challenge of realizing other peoples' visions.

Recently a friend of mine with a wonderfully artistic eye approached me with a vision she had for photos of her girls. She'd done lots of research and forwarded me her ideas which had a theme of monocromatic backdrops that emphasized a glowing light. With her ideas in mind, I picked a location where I knew we could capture the type of light she was looking for. The evening we chose turned out to be even more beautiful than I could have asked for and in the end we produced these amazing photos. Doesn't hurt that the subject matter was just as beautiful as the surroundings.

So case in point...if you have a vision, share it. The more upfront you are about your vision, the more likely you are to get what you want. Come the day of the shoot, trust the professional that you hire, let go and go with the flow and let them figure out how to recreate you vision.

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