Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This Valentines Day, offer a zero calorie feast...

Okay’s time to show off a little of your ever so sexy side. This Valentines Day you can give a gift that is better than anything that comes in a box. Don’t give him chocolates or candied hearts when you can give him some of your very own...

Eye Candy
Valentines Day Boudoir Photography

I will be offering two days of studio sessions concentrating on revealing the sexy within. Each day will offer a different set up so that you can mix and match the backdrop that works best with your individual style. What is sexier than big, beautifully made up eyes, framed with long curly lashes? Show off flawless skin and gorgeous eyes with help from professional make-up artist Liz Crupi

Of course, sexy comes in all shapes and forms. If your comfort level lies in a white t-shirt and blue jeans, awesome! If you like sweet, with cute pj’s and a lollipop, perfect! If you’d like to dress as a french maid, and help clean my house, wonderful! You get what I am saying, this is about you, so come as yourself.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t creep out of your comfort box just a little bit, but the more comfortable you are, the more the photos will shine.

January 28
A taste of something sweet.
Come in your jammies, adorable sweats or your hubbies white oxford and we’ll reveal a bit of your sweet side.

January 30
Sink your teeth in
Reveal your bold, sultry side...Here anything goes.

Packages starting at $50*
Make it a girls night discounts available
Contact information below for package information and session times.

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