Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From Minnesota to California and back...

This session was a special treat. Years ago when I first had the twins, Ryan and Kyle, we hired Vanessa to help out during the day. Whatever my sleep deprived brain missed she caught. We were a well oiled machine. Not only that but Vanessa was one of the first people to encourage my photography. She even landed me my first wedding gig. A few years later Vanessa and her husband Andrew moved back to their home state of Minnesota. Since then they added Willa, a vivacious girl filled with personality, to their brew.

Visiting Cali last week they set up a session with me. It was awesome to be able to see Vanessa and Andrew in action as parents. To capture this in photos was even better!

We went back to their first stomping ground when they moved to Cali, Balboa Island. A not so sunny morning yielded a wonderfully soft color palette.

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