Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Celebrating the past with the present.

When our kids are young, we feel this need to freeze time. Capture the moments before they are too grown up to remember what it was like when they were little. Then schedules become more hectic. Time, or lack there of it, starts to dictate our priorities. Then right before the kids leave for college, we realize once again that we must freeze time.

Of course I speak of this like I know what I am talking about when my oldest is only seven, but I can imagine that when he is eighteen and ready to move on that I will start wearing my camera as a necklace so that I don't miss one moment just as I did when my kids were first born.

A session with mature kids is a nice change of pace. The family dynamics become more like friendships and the interaction is very relaxed making the process of taking photos a piece of cake. It makes it easier to direct shots and fulfill creative visions.

Killing two birds with one stone, Brent and Tracey McKee celebrated their 25 years of marriage and documented their grownup teens.

Why not capture where you began, as well as how far you've come.

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